Wembi ( pronounced ” Whem-bee”) is an independent American singer/songwriter based in California who has been writing and performing original music for over 20 years. His style of music pans a wide variety of genres including Neo soul R&B, Adult Contemporary, World Music, Jazz, New Age, House Music, Christian Contemporary and Scat. The strength of his music some have said, is in the flow of his melodies and the deep soulful meaning of his lyrics whether he sings them in English or occasionally in Swahili, one of three languages Wembi speaks fluently. Other than writing new songs which is a true passion of his, Wembi enjoys Live performances because they offer a unique opportunity to connect with an audience. He is as comfortable performing in small intimate settings like a coffee shop as well as to large crowds at music festivals or church venues. He says ” My music is about building bridges of understanding not walls”. Over the years, Wembi has produced and released three albums of original songs ( ” Footprints in the Sand” and ” Second Chances” were the first two). In late Spring 2018, he released his much anticipated third album called ” Perspective”. All albums are available on every major music sites like ITunes, Spotify, Amazon and Pandora.
CDbaby: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/wembi3
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/mrwembi/ https://wembi.hearnow.com/
Review: https://stereostickman.com/reviews/wembi-perspective/

YouTube links to every song on the album “ Perspective “:
1. Seductive Eyes

2. Puerto Rico

3. Birth Of A Movement ( Instrumental)

4. Hello No!

5. Ring that Bell

6. Upendo ( Love)

7. Tanganyika

8. Reaching out across the Line

9. A promise

10. Hopes and Lies

11. I see in you

12. Take my hand, my friend