With a bunch of live shows in his pocket, singles released in 2013 and again in 2015, Vaxxo is wired and ready to inspire the world with his hot new electro-rock album; I AM VAXXO.

What started in his pre-teen years eventually developed into a strong passion for a mash up of electro beats and rock music. Jiving to the classics, strumming in thin air, and being entranced by the likes of David Bowie, Iron Maiden, and Nine Inch Nails as a kid conceived a deeply rooted love for music.

Born and raised in Portugal, Vaxxo ventured to Canada to gain more exposure and focus on creating his music. Heavily influenced by the rock classics as well as today’s thriving artists, Vaxxo brings something incredibly unique to the music world.

I AM VAXXO is set to release in 2018! And in the words of Vaxxo himself, “the sound is about to change.”