FADE TO BLACK – Tres Hanley-Millman
Release date 30-8-17
The single from the Album SHADES OF DARKNESS (2018)
Music: Daniel Moctezuma/Lyrics: Tres Hanley
Everview Records

FADE TO BLACK is the first single to be released from her upcoming album SHADES
OF DARKNESS. It is the 4th offering by Tres Hanley-Millman, and the first to be
almost exclusively original works. Miss Hanley and composer/arranger Daniel
Moctezuma collaborated on the title song for her 2013 release “A Siren’s Odyssey”.
SHADES OF DARKNESS is the team’s first venture into the pop/adult contemporary
music world. Both Miss Hanley and Mr. Moctezuma (who began his career as a pit
pianist on Broadway) have their roots in theatre music.

Miss Hanley is probably best known as an actress for her work in TV (primarily in the
UK) and in parts of Europe as the Bacardi girl. In 2007 she had a European club hit
Dance of the Euro Diva. A collaboration with French composer Eric Serra (The Fifth
Element) and the Asian rap artist Burch. The new single, FADE TO BLACK, which
drops August 30th, was composed as a tribute for Tres’ long time friend, the late
Bernardo Bonezzi.

As the front man of Spain’s most famous teen band LOS ZOMBIES, he rose to fame
throughout Europe with his song Groenlandia, which he wrote at age 13. The boy
wonder went on to compose the scores to many of Spain’s top films of the 80’s and
90’s. These include Pedro Almadovar’s Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
and Nobody Will Speak to Us When We Are Dead. The latter he won a Goya Award
(Spanish Oscar) for best film score in 1995.

MTVrock had a chance to preview the official video for FADE TO BLACK. It gives us a
look at his life- and his death. A theatrical event, mashed up with pop-rock, just like
Bonezzi. It celebrates his reign as “El Mozart de la Movida Madrileña” (the Mozart of
the Madrid scene). Filled with symbolism, like many of Bonezzi’s films and music
videos, we share his life review through clips of home movies, his time as a teen idol
and his final years. Musically, it mirrors his tumultuous journey. The bridge features an amazing guitar
solo, represents his final farewell performance. One last time, stepping into the light.
On 30-8-12, Bonezzi’s last Facebook post was “I’m Fading to Black”. He was found
dead in his apartment that evening. FADE TO BLACK is an emotionally charge work.
A tribute not just to a performer but to a friend.
In the upcoming months Miss Hanley is planning to release 2 more singles from
SHADES OF DARKNESS. The full album will be released in 2018.

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