Tomal has been recording music since 1988.
from a tender age, he listens and appreciate all type of music but found his calling in the early eighties when dancehall reggae was introduced. before his first recording Tomal has perform at various events on tortola and neighboring islands, but more important was a regular Friday night show at the bandstand in road town where he developed and masters the art form, there he was a trendsetter and crowd favorite.

Over the years he has continued to record and perform locally putting on shows with other local artists and opening for international artists such as yellowman, lt stichie, Sizzla, sean paul and many more, in two thousand ten he record his first soca song (carnival is not all bout winning) the song was a hit and he was chosen to travel to new york to perform and represent the b v i at the labour day event, since then Tomal has recorded a couple of singles and one more album (elder story) still active in the music business he has just release a new single for 2016 (domestic violence is a two-way thing) and (Irma Mek You Bad So) in 2018