1. What has the group been involved with since the hit songs?
Writing and producing for other artist and developing side businesses

2. Does “TODAY” still have all of the original members? If not, who’s the newest member?
Still all the original members, everyone is doing side projects.

3. Where is the group living now?
The group is spread out through Atlanta, New Jersey, and South Carolina

4. What projects are new for the group?
Writing new Today Music

5. Does the group still have a strong fan base?
Yes, the fan base is strong globally with fans from around the US, Dubai, Sweden, Germany, and Australia.

6. Are there any tours or concerts in the making?
Yes, our manager Rich Nice has lined up a few summer appearances in the NYC area, a Caribbean run and there’s a conversation about Dubai.

7. What has been the greatest moment shared by the group “TODAY”?
Outside of countless shows, being signed to Motown and having a #1 song

8. Are there any new singles on the way?
Yes, there’s a Holiday hot off the press, a remake of “Silent Night”

9. What can we expect from the team in the next year?
Shows, appearances, brand commercials, and new music

10. What goals does the group have in the near future?
To give the fans all they’ve been asking for

11. Who would you all like to tour with if the opportunity presented itself?
BBD, RBRM, Lil Mo, Salt n Pepa, Blackstreet & Teddy Riley

12. Has the group had any regrets during their careers, and if so, what were they?
NO regrets, everything is in God’s hands.

13. Because the industry has a lack of music groups in R&B, what would be some great advice to give up and coming groups trying to become successful?
Study your craft, put the music 1st and respect your group mates.

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