The POCKET GODS first single from their forthcoming album ‘The Jesus and Mary Chain’, ‘The Perfect Blue’ is a punk pop summer anthem – think The Ramones meets Teenage Fanclub!

The album celebrates The Pocket Gods’ 20th anniversary of making indie pop records. They were discovered by the late John Peel and been championed by likes of Huw Stephens and Tom Robinson who call’s frontman Mark Christopher Lee a wilful maverick. They are also featured in the current Guinness Book Of Records alongside Justin Bieber for their 100×30 album which holds the record for most tracks on a digital album and was featured in Billboard, ITV, and BBC Radio 6.

Since their immaculate misconception in 1997 they have recorded and released over 40 albums, 20 EPs and 30 odd singles. They mix genres at will – country, indie, psyche rock, prog and folk. Frontman Mark Christopher Lee writes all the songs and has been heralded by Billboard as a genius, and by others as the UK’s Daniel Johnston. Some say there is a curse around the band as shortly after John Peel had discovered the band he died.

A few years later Tony Wilson of Factory Records also discovered them and then he himself died. More recently the band were managed by ex MTV star Steve Blacknell who had a near fatal asthma attack a few weeks after taking on the band!

In 2007 the band won the first ever BBC Radio 1 Gods of The Pod award and where asked by DJ Huw Stephens to record a podcast on how to record a demo – it was hailed by Radio 1 as classic radio!
The band live in a small village outside of St Albans and hail themselves as the 3rd biggest band in the village after 60’s rockers The Zombies and Dappy.

They are also stars of their own Nub TV music show on Sky TV in the UK – where they are the house band and have played with legends such as Joan Armatrading, Junior Giscombe & even Paul “19” Hardcastle!

This new album features new songs and is about the time frontman Mark Christopher Lee played bass very briefly with Scots indie legends The Jesus And Mary Chain. Other songs reveal a search for truth, love and God in a increasingly baffling fraught and troubled world. Other songs deal with their neverending love affair with the paranormal and esoteric matters.