Yasmin Lucien aka Tetrykx pronouced as tetricks.orinally from st lucia now live in the u.k .The end of 2012 brought wth it some very sad news which forced me to adjust my life .with no where to turn at the time ,being an avid music lover and chose to say my piece in music .there is much injustice n this world and as a result many can’t seem and dont cope with it all .music and my faith helps me to do just that and so i write music to inspire and motivate people to not give up, nomatter what life throws ones way .i have writte and produced many singles and an album and a mixtape ..my latest project Ghetto theology is out at end of oct and one of the singles out of this album is due for released 29th of sept .”Ride on ” followed by the seond single titled “Many” .hope and pray that you wil be blessed and inspired to look at the world with eyes wide open .stay humbled continue to press on .