Title of song: Get It In While You Can
Longer title: Get It In While You Can, Because Life’s Too Short
Genre: Inspirational, R&B, Party, Gospel, Dance Music
Lyrics by: Stephanie Harris
Music by: Patrick Peyton

Stephanie Harris is an awesome Entrepenuer born and raised in Washington, DC. She works as a Tax Consultant and Life Coach for Parents and teens with problems. She considers herself a “Religious Comedy Writer.” Not so religious, she won’t tell it like it is. She has written several books available on Amazon. She love turning ideas into great creations, from writing to inventions. Many of her ideas came from prayers and life experiences. Her greatest love of all, is helping others and seeing them smile.

Stephanie teamed up with Patrick Peyton, the owner of “Piddipat Studios,” who is responsible for the singing and the music, but it was her lyrics that motivated that perfected sound.



Patrick Peyton, started playing drums around the age of eleven. Throughout the years, he worked as a semi-professional drummer with various local DMV artists. He also, self-produced several of his own songs and published them via digital and social media platforms through his imprint, Peysonic Music, LLC. He plans to continue to release music, collaborate and assist others in realizing their own musical ambitions. Together, this team has created an awesome, inspirational song that encourages us to dance, sing and laugh, but also will remind us to love, pray and forgive. “Get It In While You Can, Because Life Is Too Short!”