“The band’s tumbling melodies, trippy lyrics, eclectic instrumental arrangements, and all-out pageantry have dazzled.” -Spin

“I dare you: gaze into this lady’s ecstatic theater-of-the-future and go freaking mad from the transcendent sublime prophetic vision you receive! Or, maybe I should say: I dare you NOT TO” -Tiny Mix Tapes

“The band’s tumbling melodies, trippy lyrics, eclectic instrumental arrangements, and all-out pageantry have dazzled.” -Spin                                                                                                                                                                Sophe Lux & The Mystic is a vehicle for singer-songwriter, and visual and video artist Gwynneth Haynes. Haynes is the younger sister of film director Todd Haynes, (Carol, I’m Not There, Velvet Goldmine). Critics have compared Haynes’ music with the likes of Bjork, Kate Bush, David Bowie, Air, Peter Gabriel, and Florence and The Machine.

Her newest album “All Are One” is a soulful art pop masterpiece with plenty to savor. “Haynes’ keyboard playing is as pure and as potent as a mountain stream in spring, and as deft and as deliciously disorientating as a magician, while her voice is one that has engaged with love and life, and has matured its soul through the eyes of an all-embracing mystical being. Haynes embodies an infusion of Kate Bush, Tori Amos, PJ Harvey, Cat Power and Bjork.It is an album that looks at the heart of humanity as much as it does into the echelons of the universe. This is a superb collection of songs that contemplate life and the planet in all its glorious manifestations and moments. The recording is without question a profound statement artistically.” Tuned Loud, 2017

Haynes’ vocals are at times etheric and mystical, and at other times “soul-shattering.”

Haynes’ video for the song “All Are One” was featured on MTV Rock. Haynes has been featured in Psychology Today Magazine talking about Nietzsche. Haynes is a vegan and has been featured in Vegan Magazine. Her music will be featured with Moby in the upcoming audiobook

The Sophe Lux  song Electra 33 appeared on over a dozen CW promos for The Vampire Diaries. The Sophe Lux song Target Market appeared on Starz Network’s show Gravity.  The Sophe Lux song Void of Course appeared on CW network’s It’s a Beautiful Life.


Sophe Lux played live on WNYC’s Soundcheck, and Live Wire Radio. Sophe

Lux has also been played been played on KCRW and on radio stations in a host

of different countries, across Europe, Russia, and Asia.

Music Placements

The track “Electra 33” appeared on CW promos for TV show The Vampire Diaries

and the track “Target Market” appeared on Starz Network TV show Gravity.

The track “Void of Course” appeared on CW network TV show It’s a Beautiful Life.

Awards, honors, chamber collaborations

Haynes is the recipient of two Billboard World Songwriting Awards, and Two ASCAP

Plus Songwriting Awards.The video for the song “Target Market” was honored with.