Shannie Ross by way of Houston Tx, released her first recorded single at the age of 14 then she released a Ep album at the age of 16 called One Six then at 17 she released two singles Try, G.O.M.F, now at 18 she released a new single The Low Ft OG KIDD
people can find her music on all social music sites
I make music that people can relate to my music is fun and from the heart i speak my mind through my music




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Meet Shannie Ross . Since the age of 4, Houston native Shannie Ross was introduce to the world that she was more than just an average Southern artist. The songstress has grown her music buzz steady with blends of street, R&B and soul. She solidified these ingredients with tracks like her new track The Low, G.O.M.F, The Break Up, Hold You Down, Try, and Time Wasted.
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