Perseverance and a distinctive way with light melodies pushed SahBabii out of the Atlanta rap underground. Born Saaheem Valdery on February 24, 1997, SahBabii was raised in Chicago until the age of 13, when his family moved south. Inspired by the activity in his new environment — SahBabii made tentative steps with a couple mixtapes, Pimpin Ain’t Easy and Glocks & Thots, released during his early teen years. Tepid reception left SahBabii dispirited, but after an extended break from recording, the rapper returned at the tail-end of 2016 with S.A.N.D.A.S., his third mixtape, with production from his brother T3. The tape’s “Pull Up with Ah Stick,” featuring Loso Loaded, exemplified SahBabii’s refined synthesis of gunplay threats and candy-coated hooks. The mixtape was licensed to major-label Warner Bros. and his fathers’ label Casting Bait Music Group which was re-released commercially the following April in 2017.

SahBabii followed up SANDAS mixtape with three hot singles “Outstanding” with 21 Savage, “Watery” and “7 Squids” with R Kelly. August 30, 2018 he released his highly anticipated album Squidtastic to much acclaim with stand out songs like “Anime World”, “Army”, “Boyfriend” and many more. Squidtastic can be downloaded on all major music platforms.



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