CD-Z has become “THE WORLD’S TOP CYBORG”, as well every body’s favorite indie. Cd-z started making music at 16 with some of his partners in crime. The first website he ever opened was Charlie Dynamite . com, he later dropped that site for He owns over a dozen companies at the age of 31 years old. His space company,(DRONEBORG INTERGALACTIC) will probably be the first space mother-ship to claim independence from the United Nations. Just recently he opened a website just to showcase 1 song, The reason he is considered to be the world’s top cyborg is because he is rumored to be building the world’s most indestructible materials for clothing at this time, combing elements to make anti-infared gear. He is also the founder of GEDM, THE FASTEST GROWING MUSIC GENRE. JUST recently, while revealing a health kick, Charlie announced to some producers that he has developed his own martial arts(CAPPA-QUANDO) . HE is working on the sequel to Trillionaire with his newly found pop group (The Intergalactic Mafia), he is also forming a rap group dubbed the Cyborg Mafia.