RichPutt’s New Song ‘She A Freak’ is a Compelling Lyrical and Rhythmic Arrangement of the Best Kind

RichPutt’s new release ‘She A Freak’ has not just put the whole hip-hop scene wanting for more but his lyrical enigma is garnering a fan base, including myself who cannot stop but savor the captivating entrails of the song in a loop. Drawing thematic linearity that promotes a sense of belongingness for everyone, ‘She A Freak’ is a song that already captured my heart and soul in a trance. A song that transforms one’s inhibitory limits into a complete arena of freedom in terms of musical and literary expressionism, ‘She A Freak’ is a saga that sits fit with not juts mine but everyone else’s story.

Charlotte rapper RichPutt is creating a global sound of his own with his own interpretations of musical instincts. From the use of language inflicted graphical display to a rhythmic arrangement that takes on the world like a new-found love, RichPutt is definitely a star in the making. As he continues to rule over my heart and my instincts to decipher his message of love and affection with ‘She A Freak’, I find myself leaning more towards his soundscape like a starry-eyed fan. Follow him on Soundcloud, Spotify, Reverbnation, Instagram, iheart and iTunes to be a part of hip-hop’s cultural freedom like never before.

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