The name Recklous came to me when I was 15, a very reserved, well mannered kid, about the exact opposite of reckless, dreaming of being something more. After that day, all the rules I used to follow, I broke. All my anxieties and worries, gone away, all the time I spent trying to fit inside this box you call life was wasted. The box was too small and I didn’t fit. My dream was to be even an inch of the artist you see today. I keep growing and living my life exactly as you here in my lyrics. Breaking the definition of real by simply being me, and honest to my fans through my lyrics is what makes me the definition of real. I swore to everybody I knew the day would come that i’d be an artist. It’s that day and anyday after. I don’t want to, and don’t have to be anyone else. I’m me. And I’m a Recklous motherfucker.

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