Ralana’s newest single “When The Sun” continues to charge in the EDM charts, rank #4 

June 8, Ralana released her new single “When The Sun”, which is a strong follow-up to “Money Talks”, as it displays a musical growth and a maturity of an artist devoted to honing her craft and creating the best music she can. “Money Talks” reached #1 on ReverbNation’s EDM charts, leading to much industry attention and adoration, with “When The Sun”, we expect this momentum to carry her forward to international acclaim.

Drawing comparisons to her former hit song “When The Sun” delivers the same intensity we have come to expect from Ralana. The fast-paced vivace tempo and well-mixed samples playing well within their respective frequencies showcase the growth of the artist. Vocally, Ralana is able to harmonize the main melody during the crescendo with a flawless pitch, while maintaining all the essential overtones which give the vocals a full tone, channeling the reverb to fill the listening space. Filled with adrenaline and hip-swaying syncopated rhythms, “When The Sun” whets the appetite left salivating from “Money Talks”.

Now, if you have not heard “Money Talks” before, this track is Ralana’s trademark piece. With high energy samples, rhythmically revolving percussion beats and a sensual, beautifully coordinated video available, this piece stapled Ralana into the collective EDM mind. Perfect for any dance club, stadium, or urban radio playlist, Ralana lies by the mantra, “put your money where your mouth is.”

“When The Sun” is a successful follow-up track for an artist breaking through. The longevity of Ralana can be defined by the ability to create a hit song, after hit song, a feat not achievable by many talented artists. This piece should be licensed to film, new media or compilation projects as the overall compositional aspects maintain a dynamic which would be best served as a single or visual accompaniment. Choosing “When The Sun” as the debut single from the upcoming new summer album “We Need Love” was intelligent and well-timed by Ralana’s management team, exhibiting an overall comprehension and tenacity to drive success.

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