Minnesota is the home state of many famous musicians, including Prince. Do you feel the pressure to be phenomenal from such local icon status?
If anything we feel a great deal of inspiration from the great musicians of our home area including Prince, Bob Dylan, the Replacements, and many more. It really breathes grand vibes into our lifes and the community.

Polygon Peach. Does this have to do with peaches or even polygons?
The name Polygon Peach to us, has many meanings. One prominent explanation is that the “polygon” is the many different sides of the group, spiritually and emotionally. We grow together and pour our souls
into the music, and the final product of our creation is the fruit, or the “peach”.

Top band inspirations?
Our top band inspirations are in all different sides of art. It differs from each member in the group, but we are able to get together and share things we have discovered to keep inspiring eachother.

Your album sounds great. Tell us about the production process.
Thank you! We really got tight as a group jamming, and finding sounds together first. After almost a year of that we began single tracking our parts, and shaping them into songs. Things would change alot on the tracks as we were really able to take our time with this record, since it was self produced. We wrote around 40 songs before widdling it down to 23, and finally agreed on the sequence of the album.

Any favorite songs off the new release?
Well to be honest we really like all if them. Haha.

Looks like you guys will be touring most of the rest of the year. Any areas of new ground for you?
Well we have never been to Baltimore or D.C. before. We are looking forward to that.

Your videos are trippy, unique and fun. Where do you get your ideas?
The drummer in the group Dan is really good with video. He will ussually bring us an idea, and then we will all add to it.

When can we see you live next and how do we buy the album?

Well depending on where your from we will be all over the U.S. this fall and winter. Check our website for a date near you! Also check out our new album , “The Blue Palace.” Available in physical copy on our website, also on spotify and itunes.