Nigerian artist, producer and entrepreneur Pipi Pango presents his new EP, Love, Money and Power, under his own label, Omo Arutu Entertainment. The project consists of 4 exclusive tracks that each feature an array of unique sounds including Hip-Hop, Afrobeat, trap, alternative and pop. The EP’s opener, “M.O.N.E.Y” finds Pipi getting to the money as he encourages us to get on our jobs as well. Keeping the adoration flowing on Love, Money and Power, he proudly professes his love to a special lady on the endearing, upbeat “Street Love.” On the third track, we’re met with “Driving Too Fast” that urges us to slow down in our course of life to really be present and take back our power. As the EP closes out, you will experience “Mama/Yeye Takun Wale” which is airy and refreshing with an undertone reminiscent of Kanye’s Graduation classic “Flashing Lights.” On this song, Pipi pays homage to his mother while filling her in on the happenings of his life. If you’re looking for music with a message that’s cloaked in vibes from the Motherland, stream Pipi Pango’s Love, Money and Power today. “Love, Money and Power”