Phee began her pursuit of professional performing at the age of 18 when she moved to Hollywood, CA from her hometown of Denver, CO. Her returning to Denver spurred past projects Reunion Drive, Master Control, Phee and Me, D Town Sound, and Smallz the Cat as well as present projects Dedoz, The Ladies Room and most notably Phee – the musician, brand, activist, actor and geek lifestyle leader.

Phee is currently working on a gritty science fiction concept project delivered by way of a grungy, nerdy, modern pop platform. “Eclan,” written by Phee and engineered by Eric Michaels with special guest engineer, Tim Jones of NBC’s Chuck. Eclan is set in a dystopian alternate dimension that stems from Phee’s real life experiences. The first single for Eclan, “Arrival” has been released. The pilot album for Eclan is set to release in June 2017. Comic book series, etc. to follow.

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