Throughout the course of their musical union, the members of PAR~A~DIGM sometimes recognized online as (Paradigmrocks, par-a-digm, par a digm), is a popular rock band of four brothers from Las Vegas, Nevada that was named one of the “17 Bands and Artists Who Are Making Christian Music More Popular.” PAR~A~DIGM have won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. Performing at a variety of venues and making countless public appearances all the while recording new song versions, this talented Rock Band has earned the admiration and affection of critics and fans alike. Get in touch to learn more about their musical expertise, repertoire, and performance rates. PAR~A~DIGM have established themselves as one of the true positive leaders of the U.S. Rock Circuit today and has been known to leave audiences in a state of euphoria and awe with their melodic vocals, thunderous drums and guitar section.
Their incredible upbeat attitude and positive energy combine to make them one of the most sought after performers today, each member of the band contributes their influences into the music they write, this creates a range of songs in every genre from pop, rock, and hip-hop and is influence by Skillet, Nickelback, Breaking Benjamin and Staind.
“We are grateful for the longevity and support of our fans, as we share our lives and experience with you. We hope to build on this relationship and achieve greater things together in the near future,” said Reggie.
PAR~A~DIGM released 2 Full CDs, “Paralyzed” (2009) and “Only One” (2011) and five singles “COLD” (2011), “September Fades” (2012), “Firework” (2014), “Never the Less” (2014) “Cover Song” (2015) and “All I Have” (2015). PAR~A~DIGM will release a new full length album April 2017 titled “Price of Loyalty”; with new merchandise, concerts and etc.

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