Powerful, soothing and unique – these are the most-suited adjectives come to your mind when you’ll listen to Papi Versace. His latest offering “Vince Carter!” is fused with an excellent musicality. The voice of this young singer is softly soaked in reverb. A deep emotion and feelings in described through this ear-soothing beat. The melody of “Vince Carter!” is mingled with some raw passions of this singer. The music of this 21-years old rapper is really inspiring for the every rising star. The rhythmic approach in his single is great for the accompaniment of the acoustic guitar.
The soothing introduction of the song lulls you into calmness. Your soul will love to groove with his unmatchable beats. Papi Versace has been writing, composing and producing music for the past few years. While releasing “Vince Carter!” the singer has teamed up with BeatStars who has produced it. This young singer brings out the beautiful blend of old school hip hop with the contemporary arts.
Every track includes an underlying story that appears to be cheerful. The leading vocal style showcases a major delicacy. Well, after we heard his new creation “Vince Carter!” We found a trap-rap vibe in the music. A melodic rock tune is fused with the lyrical prowess. However, we have experienced superb beats in this piece. The fluent rapping works in collaboration with the progression of music. The voice of Papi Versace has adopted every change brilliantly and never missed a beat. We are impressed with his songwriting skills as they deliver some beautiful lyricism.

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