TiffanyX – Move Your Hips TiffanyX is a singer songwriter choreographer and dancer based in Australia. She participated in many television shows and competition in China. Founder of 3L Dance. Music and dance is her personal diary she just got to share with the rest of world. Move your hips is the brand new single and it is... Continue Reading →

Jay Ax

Dynamic Rhyme slinger Jay Ax is making an impact on the independent music scene and beyond. Jay Ax, who is originally from Brooklyn, currently resides in Staten Island. This magnetic emcee exudes confidence and has the skills to back it up. Jay Ax’s delivery, hooks, concepts and image set him apart from many other aspiring... Continue Reading →

Ego Hülya Friebe is a rare kind of an artist, she composes, sings and produces songs in several languages and works for peace and harmony between cultures, religions and peoples. Related to the music of the old poets who were inspired by the love of and to God, her songs tell us about eternal peaceful... Continue Reading →

Superstasion Superstasion is a Rock band originally based in Volos Greece... This is the First released Track "Sand". Recording "Sand" Line-Up: Falkos Angelos - GuitarsEric Castiglia -Vocals / BackingMichal Šimeček - BassBaptiste Guilbaud - Synth / PianoCharlie Romo- Drums /Drum Editting "Sand"Music: Angelos FalkosLyrics: Superstation (Lyric editting)Mixed and mastered by David Johansson Facebook:

Oscar Mic Oscar Mic: One man, one mic, one guitar, a bag full of magic and a mouth like an 808. Ed Sheeran's abusive uncle, the Salvador Dali of Trash Pop-Hop!!!! Unlikely, uncontrollable, loathing and lovable, Oscar stepped out for the first time in early 2017 and has played the Where The Wild Things Are stage... Continue Reading →

Chris Comet Chris Comet is a composer, producer, arranger, keyboard player. He also engineered his album project in his Texas based studio “Soaring Eagle” After a successful musician/producer/session man career over Europe, Chris Comet came to the US 32 years ago, in Hollywood and started playing and producing in famous studios such as Westlake, A&M, Record... Continue Reading →

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