“O&O BEATS are a DOPE!!! duo says Yeah Boi Music Group

The newest addition to the Y.B.M.G powerhouse is “O&O BEATS”,ran by two dope producers Omar “Zahir XL” Pinckney and Omar “Trilla” Richardson, whom is the CEO of Yeah Boi Music Group. They are new jersey natives that have been working with music since 1999. (“Time waits for no one and our time is coming!” -Trilla-). The love of producing music comes from humble beginnings. School lunch and classroom tables became the beat machine, in Trilla’s eyes producing a song is like cooking food, you have to make sure it’s tasteful, and all the ingredients you can individually taste, bringing the soul of the music to life. Now if you know anything about fine dinning, you will also have to plate your food too, meaning polish up your song when done. For Zahir XL it’s more of doing tricks on his motorcycles that no one else can do but him, so you see, or hear that his tracks are something that no one can touch. So stop by O&O BEATS and grab you a track for you next project https://o-o-beats.myshopify.com and subscribe, then lets talk about what productions that you are needing to get. Yeah Boi Music Group and RO Management brings to you “O&O BEATS” where the love of music lives.

-Email- rhythmsincc@gmail.com and yeahboiceo@mail.com

-S.Media- www.instagram.com/itsybmg wwwfacebook.com/itsybmg www.facebook.com/oobeats

-W.Sites- https://o-o-beats.myshopify.com www.ro-management99.com