Born In Jamaica , raised in one of Toronto’s Largest housing projects, Lava has graduated from the school of hard knocks which has earned him O.G. status in the streets as well as the Hip-Hop industry. 1 Leila Lane – the building where O.G. Lava wrote his first rap song – was the first building to be demolished in the largest gentrification plan in Canada. This hit home in the heart of O.G. Lava and gave him new motivation to go hard with his new single “Parables”. After touring with Erykah Badu and Common in Chicago, that’s when OG Lava realized that he had something that the world want’s and needs. Someone to say the things they always wanted to say. After a hiatus Lava decided to regroup and organize properly with the right team. Now it has come time for the volcano to erupt on the scene with a new EP and flaming sword that is sharper than ever!

instagram – @o.g.lava