Nathan Conniry is one such talent who is giving new dimension to the hip hop genre that was once known for being the voice of black strugglers. His music is sumptuous, fleshy and soaked in various human emotions. His music is not something that speaks about extreme extravaganza, but uses metaphors to deliver the message about love. Nathan is a native of Portland and has moved forward virtually from the city and connected with global music lovers.

As a hip hop music fan, I am a keen observer of what styles an artist follows. Old school rapping is my favorite but Nathan’s music is compelling me to listen to new school tracks more. May be it’s because of Nathan who has successfully narrated the epic romantic tragedy of Romeo and Juliet in his albums. His Romeo is deep in love with the lady and can go to any extent to bring her closer. Nathan’s rapping is plain and clear and proves his rap genius and ability to think beyond.

Nathan is a freestyler and is not wrong to boast himself as a versatile artist because his music gallery on soundCloud has it all. His tracks have got the thrill and peppiness of pop yet evokes unconditional emotions like other softer genres. Nathan cross-genre blending is perfect, but of course he will always be acknowledged for his flawless rapping style.

Nathan has already started with his fourth album “Necro 4”, and already released three tracks. Well I truly recommend ardent hip hop lovers to tune to “So baby”, probably Nathan’s first pop track that is better than many epic pop commotions. I’m eagerly looking forward towards Nathan’s upcoming releases.


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