Mr. SandGod Da Lore “spits” hip hop in its rawest form as one of Chi-Town’s greatest big man MC.
Clyde, A.K.A. Mr. SandGod Da Lore, started rapping at the age of fourteen in the “wild hundreds” on the Southside of Chicago. Inspired by the infamous Mr. Scarface from the Ghetto Boyz, Ice Cube from N.W.A., 2Pac from Digital Underground and Notorious B.I.G., he continued to develop as a rap artist which led him to become creator and master of his own style. Motivated by a friend named Ellis who started The Underground, at the age of seventeen, Mr. SandGod Da Lore helped create a group called 3.R.D.D/3rd Dimension. He became the final member completing the core of the group, and is call the “soul” of 3.R.D.D/3rd Dimension.

Mr. SandGod Da Lore is known for his brilliance, ambition and strong will to succeed in everything that he put his effort and mind into. His flow is skillful containing knowledge and wisdom, using bold statements and punch lines to destroy any opponent in a battle or cipher. SandGod likes to challenge people and the philosophies that people eventually expose in their raps when they are in ciphers. He also has a spiritual foundation to support his reign of dominance that he constantly projects in his flow.

He is viewed as the law and order of 3.R.D.D./3rd dimension and is always chastised for his unusual character and aggressive behavior. “The name Mr. SandGod Da Lore stands for master of divine knowledge and I truly believe that knowledge of self is power. With this quote I believe that in a state of a myth, there is truth, and within the truth there is a lesson to be learned. I see myself as a messenger of truth, and more of a humanitarian. My soul wills love even when hate is given, and I believe in the saying ‘Do on to others as you would to thyself’.”
“I am a liberal lyricist and idealist, so I will self create. Yes!!! That’s right people. I’m a creator and inventor on things to come in hip hop and the entertainment world!”