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-AM- (Alessio Miraglia)  is a Contemporary Academy Award winning composer.
He is renowned for his music contributions to film, television, musical and rock. Since his first solo album, Whisper of the Rain appeared in 2015, he has produced quite a repertoire of Rock albums, soundtracks and countless collaboration throughout his career.

“I believe that the beauty of music is the possibility for each individual listener to decide what to do with it and how to interpret it. Listening to MOTEL NOIR offers you a journey of peace and to tune your mind to beauty, whatever that means to you. I hope all of you listeners out there and potentially new listeners, can find your own path through this incredible music like I did. MOTEL NOIR is perfect just the way it is.” (Billboard Musik – Roy)

“Musical talent is not a straightforward concept, also there’s many kinds of it as well. Motel Noir is a rare example of a progressive/ambient album where the collaborations of different, talented musicians, orchestrated by a skilled, talented composer, showcases talent in its many different facets.” (Billboard Musik – Karen)

“This is a great example of Ambient/New Age music, showing a deep respect for space and silence. -AM- paints his journey experience through America’s infinite lands  (Grand Canyon, Zion, Antelope Canyon, Utah, Nevada and Arizona)  with a palette made of silences on top of sounds  -AM- ’s new work Motel Noir is an ambitious work in which Nature’s cycles are detailed in music.”  (Billboard Musik – Alan)

“Atmospheres Noir are evident throughout the work. The brightness and warmth of the day are quenched by the cold and darkness of the dusk and described with velvet tones. Enter in Motel Noir to spend the night, it’s cozy!” (Billboard Musik – Sofia)


Tim Starnes, Mario Contarino, Pascale Haddad, Andrea Ottaviani, Boll3t, Fabio Fedra Palmieri, Riccardo Chiodo, Cristina “MoonChild”, Gianni Dibenedetto, Heather Suzanne, Purple Sync, Gianluca “Ziggy” Ferro, Alessandro Condreas, Valerio Pappalardo, Marco Pistone, Sioban McGricon, Cindy Jefferson,  Andreai Olson, Agnese Sciotti, Anton Rayn,  Alice Davis, Maria Chiara Arconte, Stefano Bussadori and more…

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