In 2008 M’lissa participated a singing contest called ‘Junior Song Festival’ where she reached the finals.
M’lissa released a new single called ‘Ashes on the Ground’ in November 2012.

This single reached a steady position of #14 at the Dutch Charts Top 100 for 14 weeks!
In 2015 M’lissa collaborated with producer Jan van der Toorn and released another single called ‘Unconditional’.

She also released her single ‘Fighting Chance (Remix ’16)’ in 2016.

In December, that year, M’lissa released her christmas song ‘I wish everyday was Christmas’.
The song was played daily on both national and international radio and was used in commercials on television.

With a new R&B/Motown-sound M’lissa proudly presents her newest single ‘Girls night out’.