fullsizerenderMiah Fuego is a young Singer/Songwriter from Montross, VA. Miah Fuego was born October 7, 1999
under the name Jeremiah Devon Gaskins. Starting as a producer at age 11, Miah Fuego knew he wanted
to do more than make a good instrumental, at the time he spent his summers writing pop and party songs,
until he hit up his first studio session in 2013 and realized that he wanted a different sound than he thought.
Years 2013 – 2015 Miah Fuego spent writing, recording, and producing his first mixtape “Up In The Rising”
which was a pop mixtape selling hundreds of copies around the world; It was released March 13, 2015 from
the help of a music distribution company “Ditto Music”. Miah Fuego’s music can be found on all major
music stores such as iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, & many more. Now after a successful first
mixtape, what was he to do for his second mixtape? While he spent 4 months writing and recording with
different producers, “Full Effect” was going to be his best release yet. A special female producer,
songwriter, singer, and rapper gave a huge hand out for Miah’s successful endeavors her name is Catrice
Roots. Not long after “Full Effect” gained traction after the release date of November 15, 2015. Miah Fuego
and “Full Effect” received positive responses, with promotion from major and indie music companies and
radio such as VEVO, MTV, Kiss Fm, Da Black Top Radio, Lex and the City Radio, The Daily Grind Radio,
The Apollo in New York, Hood Illustrated, This Is 50, AT&T, I Move I Live Magazine, Wrap World Rap,
Digital Dj Pool, IG Model News, Hip Hop Music Hub, MP3 World, MTV Jamz, Pandora, various shows /
performances at events and clubs, Youth Escape Arena, D Tong Radio, Nimbit, Music Promotion 2015,
and Rapper’s Key To Success. During the summer of 2016, Miah was performing at summer jams,
performing at various events, going to state lunches, attending and performing at summits, filming music
videos, and doing live radio interviews. Miah’s single “Slow It Down (feat. Y0Cvndy & Mani Strings)”
[included in the music links] has charting top 100 on the Euro Indie Music Charts three months straight, top
10 on Number One Music, and top 10 in the country of the United States on Reverbnation.