(Photo by Julian Stölting)

Meinherz is a driven, edgy and charismatic music band project based in Berlin, Germany. Created by songwriter and musician Stephan Schaar, the project has a particular fondness for organic, direct and relatable tones.
They love to produce their music independently and curate all the aspects of their releases. In addition to that, they are quite fond of maintaining a broad creative scope, refusing to stick to anyones genre definition, but rather welcoming different influences into their sound.
Meinherz’s music is a powerful blend of rock, folk, and pop. There are really no rules as to what can inspire the band members, as long as it is about good music. Their most recent single release, “Take Me Home,” is a perfect example of their broad creative scope and remarkably diverse artistry. The song is fueled by a catchy melody with an energetic arrangement, and a poignant theme that people can easily relate to. This is a track about understanding the nature of true confidence: it’s not only about believing in yourself, but it’s about believing in yourself when you don’t know what comes next in life. True confidence can only really be experienced in moments of doubt, because these are the moments that compel us to truly act. But sometimes we experience sadness and weakness in this journey and need someone who we can lean on.

The band conveys such powerful thoughts seamlessly through their sound, not only entertaining, but also prompting the listeners to think.
Meinherz is the epitome of truly down-to-Earth music, with the ability to strike a chord with the audience and engage people with the sheer power of great songs. Influenced by seminal artists such as Coldplay and Pearl Jam, Meinherz is all about insightful lyricism, memorable hooks, and great production aesthetics.

( Photo by Daniel Sonnentag)


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnEE21fQEps
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/360knKZIlTSLx1xgkxpk1u?si=Q7i-uxy3RTWDX-QHlOcdgA
Apple Music: https://itunes.apple.com/de/album/take-me-home-single/1391345042