Hi MASON HALEY, Talk about you and your project:

I am from London uk Wembley
I would describe my sound as a mix between punk rock
grunge hip hop trap r&b grime as i try to incorporate elements of all my favorite genres
i just dropped a small 5 song ep on SoundCloud they are 5 songs that i made in 2 days so i just put it together as a small sample project while im working on my first album.
My biggest inspirations are Kurt Cobain Nirvana as a whole
Sex Pistols i love their music and influence on culture as a whole kanye west aswell just his sonics are undeniable and people like travis scott through his melodies what he creates
in the 5 years i see myself hopefully at a good stage in a career ive always wanted for myself making the music i love and being able to live free
my music currently is on my soundcloud only
www.soundcloud.com/artstic i will have a youtube channel soon but for now that is where all my music is and where my album will be coming when it comes out!