Magnus is simply different.

He is one of the most unusual artists of recent years. Finally a musician with the guts to choose a different style from what you’ve been hearing on the radio recently. A tremendous musical diversity and unusual kinds of interpretations are the hallmarks of Magnus’ style, which he calls “Sophisticated Pop”.

Millions of people in social media, radio and TV have been touched by his music. Magnus is his incredible musical diversity. He explores all kinds of styles and creates a number of alternative versions of his songs, spanning many different genres.

The last single “OUT” was successful in many countries in the charts and even reached the number 1 the charts European and No. 6 in the worldwide DJ charts and No. 1 in the DJ download charts.

The new hit single “Higher And Higher” stormed the sales charts worldwide. iTunes charts in 6 countries in the top 10 and # 1. The Club Remix version is also a hit on five continents. The song is also a big hit on radio in Europe and America but also Australia.

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