Coming from Southwest Atlanta area also known as Cleveland Avenue. Jaquavious M.O.E Smack Ridgeway had grown fond of the music industry at the age of 7
Mr. M.O.E Smack.
Started working as an engineer in his teens. His first major success came with the record label Groundbreaking. His first solo “Have you ever” became a huge hit. M.O.E Smack main purpose of getting into the music industry was to create music that not only his generation will get a good vibe from but the older crowd as well. At the age of 9 Jaquavious lost his Godmother who suffered from health complication.
Jaquavious motto for life is to go hard in everything you do including making his mother and four brothers proud.
Growing up his father was in and out of his life so he felt the need to be the man in charge.
Music was the only way he knew to express himself his passion for music and sports were unexplainable, once recording artist M.O.E Smack. Met his manager MELL back in 2015, Alongside his older brother HURT life rapidly changed for Smack. Inspired to do music by his uncles learning to record and engineer from Mercy and Rooski. DaeDae Love Life and FreakD$MG added a spin to his music. It’s more to come from M.