757a0919Electronic beats have been a part of his life since he was a small child. Leo Salom experienced his early enthusiasm for music and let himself be infected by its sound.

At the age of 16 years old, Leo experienced a party in a club for the first time, in Rome. A friend put him on the line-up, just to try once. And that’s when it happened: the music sounded completely different. It captivated the dancing, smiling and laughing crowd. Even though he had little experience, he immeditely caught the attention.

Leo was too modest to envision a career as a DJ and producer. But that didn’t stop him from living out his passion behind the DJ booth of central Italy clubs and in his own studio. In the beginning, he was enthusiastic about techno and deep-house with warm vocals. After a tech-house and electronic phase, he turned to tropical future house, song-oriented productions. “This sound is more musical in the end”, he says.
Very quickly, Leo Salom advanced to become famous in the Italian musical scene. Now he has the opportunity to present his music sets to a bigger audience. He entrances the small crowds in italian clubs like Piper Club, Gone, Animal Social Club, Circolo degli Illuminati, Lanificio59, Terracava, Old River Park Festival and others. Although every set is different. As well as he prepares himself, Leo spontaneously decides whether to play deeper, more melodic or dance tracks. It is always the people, their faces and their excitement, their zest for partying that inspire Leo and drive him on. And of course they also stoke his fantasy in the studio. Leo begins to form his own unmistakable style.

First Rome, then the rest of the world: in the summer of 2016 Leo tours all across Europe and will also appear in Ibiza, Amsterdam and London. Parallel to this his time was concentrated on the production of his debut album that will be released on November 8th. It seems but after all, even as a dreamer, Leo Salom will always put his feet on the ground.