Lazie J creates and plays 80s classic rock music with a tinge of modern rock influenced by the greats of 70s and 80s. The band is a joining together of great talents who have been in the music scene for more than 25 years.  Lazie J was formed by the Duo of Jay Pillai and Manoj who got introduced in their last years of school and from then onwards has been together in this journey of Rock music …almost 28 years …They initially formed a band called The Autumnleaf which they carried forward for 25 years and ventured in to Lazie J to look out for more variations in sound from their established sound.
Ever since their formation. The band in spite of being based out of Bangalore is a Lazie J could manage presence and fan following from music listeners across the world and has got repeated airplays especially on many Radio stations in countries such as US, UK, Australia , spain, Finland etc and radio shows covering over 100 countries They have been ranked as #1 in all genres India with 2 songs reaching top 5 of world rock charts of “” and Top 10 in Reverbnation India Charts. Many Lazie J songs have featured in Coast 2 Coast mixtapes International Rock Editions, International Pop Editions, Hot in New york editions etc
Two of their songs reached top of classic rock global charts in and was even chosen as the audience pick of Broadjam.
The band has an international touring outfit joining hands with top artists from Canada and Sweden called Lazie Bison

Thin Lizzy , Led Zeppelin, Scorpions, Van Halen , KISS, Iron Maiden , Judas Priest and all the other bands of late 70s and 80s

Tim Brown Interviews Lazie J.

1-When was your band formed and why ?

Jay :.I was in 10th grade when I met my friend and my partner in music Manoj who shared similar tastes and it has been 28 years of going together and combining with many great artists as a duo to create music basically in Classic Rock Genre. We both were trained in Indian classical music in Me in Vocals and Violin and Manoj in Percussion ,I think we felt rock music gave much more freedom to express our thoughts and I felt since I could write songs that was the best way to freely express our thoughts

2-Where does the band do most of its recording and production work?

Manoj: We started recording in 1991 in a friend’s studio called SS digital in Trivandrum city India. We still use his resources as we feel home there. Sometimes we take the help from Jonathan Bruce who also doubles up as a Keyboard player for us.  We also take help from a few mixing and mastering specialists from across the world with the advent of internet services

3.Who are your influences / favorite musicians ?

Jay :  There are many legendary Rock / Hard Rock bands who have introduced and built up the genre.  Lazie J owe its existence to them… Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Thin Lizzy, Scorpions

4-Do you perform in public? Describe those occasions? Concerts, radio, TV

Jay:  of Course we do play live we have two outfits :

One is  Lazie J which is an Indian band which is into 80s classic rock music.. We perform live mainly in India as we have a decent audience. Thanks to internet we do have a few fans across the world for oour originals and our songs are played across 100 countries in Internet and in Some places FM radios.  That is something we are proud of . This lead to another project, a multi continental outfit called Lazie Bison which has Canadian Rocker Evan Murray  and bringing in a Swedish Bassist Johan with the existing Lazie J team . the aim is to bring together our kinds of music and tour to different parts of the world with our new music. We have just completed our first tour together in India playing a Huge festival and a few shows a TV shoot and a video shoot ..We are managed by South India’s most known artiste management team called Aum I Artistes.

5-Let’s Talk about your music !!!!

Jay : . Like many of our fans say “Lazie J has fresh & powerful melodies“ I would sum it up the same way .

Though we can term our music into classic rock  we do have fresh melodious and powerful music which is appreciated by a lot of people across the world,  we get to know from a lot of mails we get from fans mails we get from many people from places like Spain, Finland etc apart from fans from English speaking  USA and UK , Canada, Australia etc. I guess good music doesn’t really limit itself to any language …

6)-How do you feel about the internet in the music business?

Jay : Internet is the best thing to have happened to the world. It brings together a lot of like minded people across boundaries. Music came out of clutches of big corporates because of Internet.  A band like ours would not have been known anywhere but a few cities in India if there wasn’t Internet Music Business. Today if you have good music you have radios who will air them.  When we started a band couldn’t even think of originals in India as there was literally no one in your surroundings who would listen to them and unless some one spends a lot to market the songs no body even heard them …now scene is different . your audience is the world and not a small pub where you would be playing then.

7)-What are the plans for the future? John Anthony being a veteran in Indian Industry and with more than 3500 film guitar scores  what do you think is coming up for Lazie J?

Manoj :Both Lazie J and Lazie Bison are on full flow. We have a TV program of Lazie Bison in a TV show which is Indias most sought after show.  We have a great management team called Aum I Artistes who takes care of us so.  We look forward to tour and play some good music.   We also are featuring a song of ours in a Local language movie.

John Anthony : I really feel happy to be a part in supporting the band in their journey to fulfill their dream.

8)-How has your music evolved since you first begun playing music?

Jay : We have travelled quite a lot from the college kids who wanted to make music . Though our Music though sticks to classic rock genre it has gone through various treatments based on the key personnel who collaborated with us. We have collaborated with many International artistes from across the world and host of Indian artistes. They are great artistes and have contributed immensely to my and Lazie J s music.  We also been quite happy to experiment but within the genre so yes some songs do have 2 or three versions and all of them sound good each in a different way

9) Could you briefly describe the music-making process?

Jay : The band is Myself, Jay: Songwriting , Lyrics , and Vocals ,  Manoj : Drums / Backing Vocals, songwriting , John Anthony: Lead / Rhythm Guitars, Songwriting. Jayakumar: Rhythm / Lead Guitars / Backing Vocals, Rahul: Bass Guitar.  Compositions are initiated mostly by Jay who also writes the lyrics for them.   Manoj and John Anthony also come up with great tunes those are further developed by the band. What equipments do you use for your sound? What do you foresee

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