John Clark is an American neo-psychedelia artist from Washington Missouri whose music stretches genres and incorporates many flavors including psychedelic rock, folk, blues, jazz, instrumental, progressive, traditional, bluegrass, Celtic, bossa nova, avant garde, pop, fusion, world and techno.  His music is a melting pot of his influences, experiences and dreams.

John has eight albums out with Peach Moon Publishing Co; Time to Begin (2013), Baby Steps (2014), Death Therapy (2015), The Ghost is Clear (2016), CiCaDiA (2017), Gr8est Bits (2017), The Maastricht Tapes (2017), moonOcean (2018). John has performed across the country with his past bands including the Mississippi Flapjacks, the Helen Keller Nation, the Gypsy Giner Shiners and currently; Nine Rabbits Laughing. John has played at some of the biggest music festivals in the Midwest including Summercamp Music Festival, Wakarusa, Schwagstock, Dogstock, Euphio Campout, Cosmic Reunion and Darkening of the Sun.

John writes and records his music at Goonicorn Records in Lake Sherwood, Missouri. For more information on John’s back catalog, commercial music uses, booking and all other inquiries please contact his management at or thru his website:


Joined in lucid dreams by The StickFolk band of bugs, John Clark shares the story of Hoppy and his mystical journey from a midwestern pasture to CiCaDiA, bug heaven. Fifth album, but first psychedelic folk record.
Bug infused psych Folk Album
Mixed by Joe Post @

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