With her exciting multi-cultural background, Nigerian-American singer and bandleader Janeliasoul, set out to charm listeners with her unique and charming melodies. Growing up in Nigeria Janeliasoul learned the local dialects and enjoys composing songs and singing in English, Pidgin and Yoruba. She fuses traditional Nigerian rhythms with contemporary sounds like soul and Jazz and is heavily influenced by world music artists Angelique Kidjo and Fela Kuti.

Janeliasoul just released the music video for “I Am Bold” the first single off her new album “Self-affirmation Project”. To create her pioneering rich visuals, Janeliasoul uses a medley of Afrocentric and colorful scenes to orchestrate one of the most visually stunning music videos this year. “I Am Bold” video is now available on YouTube and other video sharing platforms.

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