It’s like that there will be numerous new hip hop and rap music releases this year that will unite more hearts  but none like the ravishing rapper Hot Dizzy’s “Hood Low” .This track is indeed an exemplary track that portrays Dizzy’s overall personality and approach to deal with different things in life. Joshua Miller aka Hot Dizzy has already taken the Naptown rap scene to the next level. He has added more spark to the land of festivals with his straightforward, energetic and zesty club banger tracks available on SoundCloud.

Paper Cha$er Hot Dizzy is not ashamed of accepting the fact that he want to earn a lot of money, which is the necessity to survive in this greedy planet. About “Hood Low” he is pretty sure that this track has the elements to connect with global masses. This track gives the power to all who has been a lot in life. In terms of music, “Hood Low” is crafted with the best instruments like drum bass and catchy hooks that hold the energy throughout. Dizzy’s jaw-slackening rapping style needs no introduction. He has made a unique position in fans’ hearts with his excellent rapping style and rap stories.

In a nutshell, “Hood Low” deserves a five star not only for its music, rapping and lyrics but because of Hot Dizzy who has been able to create a tempting ambience with his oomph factor and personality. This go-getter, ambitious and passionate artist ranks on the top in SoundCloud music site.

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About : Joshua “Hot Dizzy” Miller was born in Great Lakes, Illinois until he moved to Indianapolis, Indiana at a young age. Today, he writes hip hop/rap music.His finished music is on Youtube and Soundcloud, and he is currently working on his first Album titled Handle Ur Biz.

Hot dizzy isn’t about the false representation of himself. He is authentic and his lyrics reflect things from his own personal experience. His main focus is his music and career. In addition to wanting to put Indianapolis on the map, Hot dizzy wants his music be an inspiration to all listeners.