Hot Dizzy is one true rapper from this generation whose music showcases the greatness of hip hop in the music industry. Being a young rapper, he has created many mind blowing tracks. He is a true inspiration for the aspiring musicians specially rappers.

One of Hot Dizzy’s buzzing hip hop creations is ‘Sleepin On Me’. Like each one of his tracks, he has started this one also with his identical style. The cracking beats of this tracks has created an engaging essence. Also the rhythmic rapping style of Hot Dizzy has elevated this number to the excellence of perfection. This track proves the casual approach of the young rapper with which as well one can make a big move in his life.

‘Tick Tock’ by Hot Dizzy is somewhat different with the lyrical value than ‘Sleepin On Me’. This track spreads a deep meaning of life – it talks about the running of human with the ticking of clock. The pace of this rap is truly appealing. Also, the flow, the breathing and the thumping beats of ‘Tick Tock’ are finely tuned together.

Hot Dizzy’s life is inspired by his own dreams. He has overcome all his pains since the time he entered himself into musical creation. He believes in ruling his own life and his music is the proof of that. The informal nature of ‘Sleepin On Me’ and the depth of ‘Tick Tock’ readily prove the versatility present within Hot Dizzy which has made him a famous name in the hip hop world.


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