Musical project born in 2017 in Lyon, France, under the impulse of a bassist. “Gonetcha” appeared to him in dreams. That’s how the adventure began!
In July 2017, first album release, Métro de Pensées (literally Underground of Thoughts), mixing French and English lyrics with rock and groove instrumentals. Inspired by those fleeting thoughts, Métro de Pensées explores the windings of the mind, and the different resulting states.
In March 2018, the project reaches a second album, Mission, all in English, with a decided rock vibe! This release, inspired by the mythological heroic journey, wanders through the steps of this physical and mental trek. Mission is the reason.
January 2019. The third album is released. Fickle Games shines a light on this new year, always pushing the listeners beyond the boundaries of consciousness.

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