The Gliffo story in short term: The artist “Gliffo” never wrote a song before, but he whistled a melody in his smartphone & sended it to a Berlin based music producer and now the song with this melody is been played by hundreds of radio stations and entered the German Amazon Charts / TOP 10 (Pos. 10 of New stuff in Pop, even if it’s more Rock-Pop

The story behind Gliffo: The artist Gliffo (who is actually a full time entrepreneur) got a song idea out of a sudden and safed it. He sent the idea to a Berlin based music producer who had been impressed about the fact that somebody who never wrote a song before is able to write such a catchy melody. With the help of this producer Gliffo finished his song with a real catchy hookline which is released as “Get The Sun In Your Head”: A song about opening your mind, forgetting the sorrows and laying back!

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