Gian Marco Castro

Gian Marco Castro (born, December, 16, 1995) Augusta, Italy.
He started piano lessons at the age of 13, few years later he came in contact with M° Epifanio Comis (director of Accademia pianistica siciliana) and he became his teacher.
Then he took part in different master class with international pianist like: Violetta Agorova, Goran Filipec, Eduardo Hubert etc.
He got the art school in Syracuse one year later he is admitted at V. Bellini conservatory in Catania.
He studies “Music production- composition”.
In 2016 he started film scoring composition for indie short films, web series and feature film.
He is a classical and contemporary composer too.
He received many nomination in several film festival: Chandler film festival (2016) Hollywood music in media awards (2016) Calcutta international film festival (2017) award winner at Los Angeles cinefest (2016) and nominated at Die seriale (2017).

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