GAZ is more than just a band, it’s a group of friends that love everything there is to do with music. Having its inception over 20 years ago, the band has gone through many changes and the members have come and gone, but the heart and soul that is GAZ still remains. After many successful years touring as a band, they decided to put music on hold while they followed other passions and their reunion in 2015 sparked something special. Since then they’ve been working tirelessly in the studio, looking towards the future and the next chapter for GAZ.

Creating music organically is something that the current members of GAZ do in an extraordinary way. Josep, Jordi, Arles and Alber all contribute to the writing and each bring a special element to every song they play and perform. With the recent release of their two singles “I Feel Good Indeed” and “Tears”, GAZ still have all the exciting guitar riffs, footloose rhythm and smooth lyrics that they always have. After having already achieved so much these guys seem like they’re only just getting started.

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Feel Good Indeed