The professional Entertainment music, Inc. has announced a

hip-hop artist name change. The artist formerly known as

GS24 has legally changed his name to GARSCON 24. The

change was made on the 1st of the year, and the artist is no

longer in need of a hot Hollywood name.

The young artist lead the streets with his mix tape song,

“Krazy” Ft. Pitbull & Lil’ John. GARSCON also salutes his

#1 single “Trizza Sway” to California State on the 4th of July.

Hip Hop fans are now catching up to Garscon 24’s unique

style of music The Romeo continues to look like a Bentley

artist is preparing more songs for his upcoming album called

Technician1. The artist was very disappointed when a local

RNB celeb and friend leaked the Album title to industry insiders.

The Brooklyn artist ran into more Situations from the leaks of information where it Lead

to an investigation and eventual black listing in an effort to slow down Garscon because

of his tremendous talent, and to stop him from having a girlfriend to marry and making

money in the music industry .

Garscon stated that he is extremely embarrassed that he is going through this harassment,

but that he is not going to let this slow him down. He has “more drive then anything,

Profession music is here to stay.”

Garscon 24 is gearing up to throw an “Official Name Change” club event, the date and

location are still to be determined by The Profession ent. group. The music company is

extremely happy to have a “money name,” meaning a franchise name to build a

foundation around for the company to grow.

The Profession Entertainment Music, Inc. is stationed in New York State where they are

preparing to shop Garscon’s EP next year during the second Quarter. The company stated

“we hope the new name change of the artist Garscon 24 will give a better understanding

of his music for California.”