After forming in August 2014, FURIAN have wasted no time in establishing themselves as a UK alternative rock band and a real hope for British music.

Furian have really mastered the art of capturing the excitement, happiness and sadness of life’s twists and turns and each track is a finely crafted emotional roller-coaster. Inspired by bands such as Letlive, Reuben, Paramore and Deftones, they take the most engaging elements of rock and post-hardcore and lace them with gripping melodies and lyrics.

They have been gaining constant growing attention not just for their explosive live performance and intricate, energetic songs but for their friendly and communal approach to being musicians, always keeping kindness and positivity at the forefront of their operations. There aren’t many places in the United Kingdom that won’t welcome them with open arms and their influence and message is growing with each passing day. Having being asked to support bands such as ‘Norma Jean’ and ‘Vanity Draws Blood,’ after just a year and a half of existence, they have continually proven that they can entertain any crowd, with people regularly approaching them after performances, to get involved and show their appreciation of the music and atmosphere they create. In July 2016 Furian made their Kerrang Radio debut and caused a storm on Alex Baker’s Fresh Blood Show, getting rave reviews after every play.

They are one of a rare breed of modern acts that know that music is about changing lives and having fun and not about money, egos or materials and each and every Furian fan is outwardly but not consciously reminded. If it’s a new and exciting act that you can truly (website)