“Forsage” is a modern heavy metal band, formed by Sergey​ Sergeev (Vocals) and Slavic Selin (Guitar) in 2008. Two Russian musicians decided to join their forces to make new, powerful, and energetic music after leaving the band “Arteria.” Not long after forming the band, they’ve got Marina Malakhova on the bass and started to work on new material. Forsage released two albums, and after some years of studio silence, they got back to recording. In September 2017 the new single “SEX” was released and surprised the fans. It was recorded in Russian and English to get the attention of the broader audience and bring the band to a new level.

The member of “Minus One” (Eurovision 2016 Contestant) Chris Ioannides performed drum parts for the track. Currently “Forsage” is working on new tracks and preparing the next single to be released by the end of the year. The music video for the track was removed from YouTube 40 minutes after being uploaded but got over a thousand views. The provocative track “SEX” is already available for streaming and download.

Forsage official website: http://bit.ly/forsage-band-websie

Facebook Page: http://bit.ly/forsage-facebook

Single “SEX” on Spotify: http://bit.ly/forsage-sex-en-spotify
Download Single “SEX” on iTunes: http://bit.ly/forsage-sex-en-itunes