Don’t judge a book by its cover. You will see my voice does not match my face. Most people ask when they hear my music “Is that YOU singing and rapping.” My response; I always say ” Yes it is me.” Go listen to my music first and then go to my link to CHECK ME OUT! Take the time to read my social cause and understand what I’m doing. One person can make a difference. Have you heard of the Innocence Project? Look it up and check the many young people, some who were young teenagers, serving time for crimes they did not commit.

Oh BTW I’m a gospel female hip hop rap artist from California. I have two rap names. My FIRST rap name is my fleshly name, Fauxleesha based on my real name. We all are not perfect. My SECOND rap name is my spiritual name, Madame Intent. Why? Because I’m Intent on Bringing the Word!


Live.Me : FauxleeshaFleeRogers
Livestar: Fauxleesha
Bigo: Fauxleesha
EagleLive: FauxleeshaFlow