Fadi Awad’s New Release “Feel Good”! 

Another wonderful release by The Multi-Awards Winner Artist Fadi Awad! A unique advanced Pop music production with wonderful vocals called “Feel Good”!…  A distinguished fascinating intro containing 5 top music genres compiled in a very special fantastic advanced way, and then comes wonderful spectacular violin and strings to give decent flavors to some good parts of a lovely happy song, proving once again that Fadi Awad is one of the big musicians in the world! Notice that Fadi is currently preparing to participate in the Global Songwriting Awards and in The 60th GRAMMY Awards, as well as in other important music contests in 2017 – 2018…

“Feel Good” was premiered on Kiss FM 104.7 and Kiss Intl 107.7 radio stations, as well as played on Star Intl 99.9 FM, Radio Power 77.7 FM, and on other national and international radio stations… It is labelled by “Proconwire” and currently available worldwide in the digital stores (ITunes, Beatport, Amazon, Juno Downloads and more…)… Fadi in a special interview about the release thanked all who support him and his music worldwide and considered those supporters as the essential motivation resource for the continuity of his projects, promising them to do always his best… Fadi also added:” According to my strategic plan, “Feel Good” is a  missing piece of our full roster from which some fitting songs will be selected to participate in the big music events and contests of 2017 -2018… I had to do it to complete my preparation plan, hoping for the best, and thanking all the supportive Media, institutions, and DJs who support “Feel Good”, and as everyone knows, we always support back!“… We really wish the best for this awesome one-love big artist, and encourage everyone to support him and his releases!

“Feel Good”: https://soundcloud.com/fadi-awad/fadi-awad-feel-good

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