Dr Optimiser

Dr Optimiser is a composer, producer and artist based in Bristol, UK. His music covers multiple genres, ranging from acoustic, drum and bass, jazz, electro, synthpop, ambient and classical. In 2017 he released a comeback album ‘Tremor’ after almost a decade away from music production. The album received several good reviews and various radio airplay, most notably on BBC Radio 6. Since opening a soundcloud account in November 2017, Dr Optimiser has amassed a quarter of a million plays.

This track memories was made earlier this year (2018) as a tribute to all the families impacted by the Grenfell Tower and Manchester arena tragedies.





Twitter handle @DrOptimiser

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoQs6cJXG8DBO5dDU_CKEJToBLfkP9_cr



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