Floyd Crossman, better know as Double O, was born in Kingston Jubilee Hospital on September 25 of 1984. Mother Merlene Alwood and father Fitzroy
Crossman, resided in their home parish Portland, so even though Floyd was born in Kingston Jamaica, he claims Portland Jamaica as that’s where he was raised. Floyd and his family lived high above sea level in a stall district call Barracks, that is perfectly located overlooking the ocean in Mancheoneil Portland. The name Floyd was originally given to him by his grandma, a name which his mother later disliked so she called him Orane, later nicknamed into “OO”. To make sense of OO on a show flyer years later Double O was created.
In 1997 Double O migrated to the United States at the age of 13. This is also the year he started discovering his gift in writing music. He started studying music in his way at that point, figuring out bars and song structuring. Years later Double O enrolled in music school at Stone Mountain Georgia’s Omni Tech Technical Institute, pushing himself farther in line with multiple channels of music. Double O graduated Omni Tech as a Music Engineer/Music Producer, and don’t forget he was already an Artist/Songwriter.
Double O is a Rasta Man, a highly spiritual Rasta Man, that believes in love and unity among people. He is very passionate about the Most High, his family, and his country. Double O feels not only blood makes us family, but a spiritual connection. He writes music from his heart and soul, music you will feel and dance to, despite of the genre. Double O create music that inspire and motivate, he is a true artist/producer. Double O is a change in music.