David Rice. is DJ Spin$ not like the other DJ Spins we know, but spell with a $ sign on the end. DJ Spin$ hails from Flint, Michigan and that state is know for pushing out from great talents like Eminem, and others. As the only child born to Tammy and David Rice, DJ Spin$ lost his at the tender age of 2. His mother’s strong faith that was instilled in DJ Spin$ as a child in Christianity kept him from fallen victim to the streets, Known as the American Hip Hop artist and through his new music project “Fli City King” DJ Spin$ paid honor, love, respect, and homage to Hip Hop greats like Biggie and Tupac. Recently, DJ Spin$ was signed to Indie Label known for breaking and exposing emerging talents to mainstream, G.I. Records LLC an affiliate of No Limit Forever East founded by Mr. Percy Master P Miller and Mr. Emmitt Lee Dove. His new album Fli City King is available worldwide on digital stores online. DJ Spin$ would like the fans to check out his tracks collaboration by Tom Bomb and Big Fell.